All the U-BOAT timepieces meets our high standards. We have thoroughly inspected it for accuracy, functionality, condition and water resistance.We strive to ensure authenticity and a clean history. Our watch experts have also referenced the timepieces against technical documents and manufacturer records.


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U-BOAT – luxury timepieces for strong personalities

In 1942 the Italian Navy commissioned Ilvo Fontana to manufacture a new pilot’s watch that could be read regardless of the light and weather conditions. The wristwatches had to meet strict specifications, as they had to stand up to challenging situations. Due to the circumstances of the time, the project did not materialize.

In 2000, Italo Fontana, Ilvo’s grandson, stumbled upon the designs and started working for seven years on a series of watches handcrafted of high-quality materials.

The wristwatches are made in Lucca, Tuscany, where Italo was born. Italo Fontana’s name appears under the logo of each watch, and we can also distinguish it saying “Made in Italy,” rather than Swiss Made, although the movements are Swiss.

The uniquely designed and sized watches come in 5 collections, each boasting a distinctive set of characteristics as stated below, with cases made of stainless steel, bronze, titanium or ceramic, and even tungsten.

The CLASSICO is the primary collection of U-BOAT watches, with a very legible dial, the brand’s patented crown lock at 9 o’clock, and quite large cases to reflect the U-BOAT philosophy of masculinity and power.

The CHIMERA collection differentiates itself by the unique case design, where the bezel and case back are held together by five screws that ensure total waterproofing. The watches featured in this collection offer the most distinguishable designs, ranging from chronographs, GMTs, some with day and date displays.

The U-42 or UNICUM collection features dive watches made of titanium, ranging from a simple automatic edition, a three-time-zone GMT, to the U-42 UNICUM, that offers a custom design obtained by treating the bezel, the dial, and case with a selected array of acids to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

The CAPSOIL collection features Swiss electromechanical movements immersed in low viscosity lubricating oil. This manufacturing method offers a deep black dial and a compensation bubble that can always act as a conversation starter.

The PRECIOUS line of watches regards luxurious timepieces. With cases made of ceramic, 18k gold or stainless steel enriched with precious stones like white and black diamonds set by Italian craftsmen, the PRECIOUS collection gives the U-BOAT design language a gentle and more refined look.

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