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All the Omega timepieces meets our high standards, we have thoroughly inspected it for accuracy, functionality, condition and water resistance.We strive to ensure authenticity and a clean history. Our watch experts have also referenced the timepieces against technical documents and manufacturer records.


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Omega, from Seamaster to the Moon and back

Established as a watch company back in 1848, it manufactured wristwatches for almost 30 years before launching their first mass-produced movement, the Labrador, in 1885.

Their first minute-repeater was launched in 1892, only two years before introducing the caliber 19, named Omega.

In its effort to develop accurate movements and quality timepieces, 1905 saw Omega serve as the official timekeeper for sporting events in Switzerland. From 1932 Omega acts as the single timekeeper for the Olympic Games.

Known only to few is the fact that Omega’s watches were used not only for sports but for military purposes as well. The French AF, British RAF, US AF pilots used them in WWII. After the war, it was the reference number CK2292 that predated the first Seamaster.

In 1984, Omega launched the Seamaster, ranging from dress watches to professional divers. Since 1995 we know it like the Bond watch, the Seamaster 300 remaining one of the brand’s most iconic models.

More contemporary models like the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean are featured in the current James Bond movies, although not technically dress watches like the Constellation, for example.

The Speedmaster stepped on stage in 1957. NASA had tested three watches, but only one had passed all the endurance tests – the Speedmaster Professional. It was the first watch in space in 1962 and the first watch on the Moon in 1969, hence the Moonwatch nickname won in the Apollo missions.

In 1999, Omega launched the first co-axial escapement movement in the caliber 2500, which provided less friction, raised the level of accuracy and reduced the need for maintenance, only to evolve in the 2007 entirely in-house caliber 8500 with the co-axial escapement.

In 2013, Omega launched the first anti-magnetic watch, the Seamaster Aqua Terra, that can withstand > 15,000 Gauss. Thus the Seamaster goes on to write history as the brand’s most long-lasting line of watches, now equipped with co-axial movements and anti-magnetic shielding.

So when choosing an Omega, whether a tool watch or a dress watch, you’re getting a true icon and an essential piece of horological history.

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